Hangar 75 works with organizations that have recognized that they need to acquire unique assets that will allow them to increase market share, fend off emerging and established competition, and find new ways of generating increased shareholder value. 

The Hangar 75 Asset Factory was set-up specifically to address this need. We provide organizations with an opportunity to run pilots leveraging our assets, and to subsequently acquire and migrate those assets into their organization.


It is often difficult to get a sense of the impact an asset can have on your organization without a detailed understanding of the asset mechanics, revenue model, operating model, technologies and product roadmap. 

We offer organizations a 5-day exploration camp, hosted at our California HQ, where we explore and quantify the value our asset can bring to your organization.


The best way to prove the potential impact an asset can have on your organization is through a pilot. The pilot is focused on rolling out the asset to a subset of existing or target customers to validate the value-generating potential.

Pilots are operated from our California HQ combined with localized / onsite implementation teams. Pilots typically run for 8-16 weeks subject to scope, scale, and location.


Following a successful pilot, it is essential that your organization has a well-defined route to acquire our asset. 

Our acquisition framework is designed specifically to facilitate an accelerated path to acquisition and seamless migration of the asset into your organization.


When entering into a collaboration with an organization we provide several assurances.

For the duration of the collaboration, we won't progress discussions with any other organization. 

We provide an indicative asset value in advance of the collaboration which won't be inflated based on the findings of the collaboration.

Should an acquisition not be the right strategic fit, we will explore other options for your organization to benefit from the asset.

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