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The dawn of the super hero investor

At Hangar 75 we have been fortunate enough to attract a group of what we call super hero investors. Yes they are all have money to invest, are smart, fun and often charismatic, but thats not what earns them the right to wear the super hero cape.

They earn super hero status because they individually and collectively contribute to an uplift and acceleration in investment returns. They give us the ability to move faster, with more force, to generate a greater impact.

Our super hero investors compliment our process at both ends of the asset creation and disposal process. Each investor makes a conscious decision to contribute to a successful investment outcome, and are drawn into assets which are closely aligned to their prior experience and network.

Our super investors are integrated into our process in the following ways:

Idea validation

We will draw upon the skills and experience of the collective group to evolve and refine an asset that can generate the greatest value for the corporate acquirer. We will often learn from the experience of others, giving us the ability to side step challenges and to maximize opportunities.

Corporate targeting

Experience has taught us that the buying process is greatly facilitated through an existing valued relationship within that corporate who can help to sponsor a pilot, and set the scene for a future asset acquisition. The Hangar 75 network is already extensive and many of our target acquirers are clients of the group. However when you add in the network of our super hero investors, there are very few corporates who we don't have a close relationship with, who in turn can be acquirers of our next asset.

Being a super investor is not for everyone. It is best suited to those investors wanting to take a more active role in maximizing the return from their investment, leveraging prior skills, experience and networks. For those wishing to wear the cape, Hangar 75 provides the perfect home!


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